Thinking decide your actions

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Positive thinking will create positive actions.

Negative thinking will create negative actions.

Your thinking will decide your actions.



You think that you just need the living wage, you will work very normal even with low performence.
But, if you think you have to get salary $2,000/month and must buy a car within one year, then certainly, your actions will be different, your performence will be automatically increased many times.




As a student, I've tried a lot to become a good student. However, in the first 9 years of school (from grade 1 to grade 9), I have never achieved the title of gifted students. And I thought, although how much i try, i can not become a good student.


But, until I finished secondary, encountered a problem and I had to quit school. Into the city to work, many times passing the university, I thought, do not know i ever step over the threshold of the university, and that has changed my thinking.


I was determined to go back to school and thought I must be a good student, pass university and graduate as valedictorian. I thought, I haven't succeeded because I haven't tried the best and need to work harder → and I have achieved those objectives.


Another story:


When I was in 3rd year university, I decided to apply for a job in an IT company. But, when looked at the job requirements, I found myself not achieve 50% of its criteria. And I thought, I could not be working here.


But, I quickly changed my mind, I thought I can convince the company to accept me and I can learn in work process. And I decided to apply this job → The company accepted me , I worked in the company more than 1 year when i was a student and accumulated a lot of experiences since then.




I don't think that I succeeded, but, simply I was overcome myself and achieve my own goals.


Just think positive, actions would be automatic positive . When we take positive actions, the success will come sooner or later either.

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